4:1:1 vs. 4:2:0 on DV Formats. Which's Better?

D. Jiménez, D. Ruíz, and J.M. Menéndez (Spain)


DV, Sampling, Chrominance, PSNR, Quality, VQEG.


DV family has currently established as one of the two different compression families on the market in production and post-production for Standard Definition Television. DV use fixed bit-rate, 8 bit data, and intra frame coding techniques exclusively based on DCT Transform (Discrete Cosine Transform), VRL and Macroblock pre-shuffling prior to both two. There are two sampling structures coexisting in the market, 4:1:1 and 4:2:0. This document presents objective quantitative results from the emulation of DV-25 Mbs with both sampling solutions, the most significant aspects of DV algorithm and the behaviour of the codecs in response to VQEG 625@50 sequences. This article tries to tackle the problem of quality measures on DV-25 codecs, rather conditioned by the limited access to equipment and basically focused on qualitative analysis in previous works, providing more flexibility and quantitative comparisons.

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