Lossless Bit-Plane Compression of Microarray Images using 3D Context Models

A.J.R. Neves, A.J. Pinho, and A.R.C. Paiva (Portugal)


Microarray images; lossless image compression; image coding standards; bit-plane coding; context models; lossy to lossless.


With the recent growth of interest in microarray technol ogy and the improvement of the technology responsible for producing these images, massive amounts of microar ray images are currently being produced. In this paper, we present a new lossless method for ef´Čüciently compress microarray images based on arithmetic coding using a 3D context model. Our method produces an embedded bit stream that allows progressive decoding. We present the compression results using 49 publicly available images and we compare these results with three image coding stan dards: lossless JPEG2000, JBIG and JPEG-LS. The pro posed method gives better results for all images of the test set.

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