A Tree Structured-based Caption Text Detection Approach

M. León, S. Mallo, and A. Gasull (Spain)


Text detection, text localisation, Maxtree representation.


Nowadays superimposed text in both images and video se quences provides useful information about their contents. The aim of this paper is to introduce a method, which allows us to extract this kind of information, focused on working as independently as possible from the content, quality or font. Some pre-processing tools can be applied in order to reduce the number of false positives as well as the computational cost. The input image is represented by means of a Max-tree. This structure allows us to perform text localisation as a tree pruning. The pruning is per formed applying connected operators based on geometric features of the letters. As a result, a set of potential text regions are obtained. The output of this first stage shows promising results. A second stage will be necessary to ex tract text as a whole, a set of unconnected regions with a unique meaning, allowing us to discard those regions not accomplishind text features.

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