An Adaptive Real-Time Method for Controlling the Luminosity in Digital Video Acquisition

J. Torres and J.M. Menéndez (Spain)


Luminosity control, video acquisition, contrast enhancement, Look-Up-Table, Global Luminosity Level.


This paper reports on a simple method to control and maintain, in real time, the illumination of the images taken from a video acquisition camera, by modifying the acquisition parameters of the digitizing board. For this purpose, some parameters which we have called luminosity levels have been defined. These parameters characterize the luminosity (in terms of digital contrast) in a digital image. The basic idea of our algorithm is to measure these levels and to compare them with the desirable ones. If these are not right, a linear transformation will be applied to the Look-Up Table (LUT) of the acquisition board for adjusting the levels. The method is simple and robust, and can be used for real time applications.

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