Efficient Immersive Visualization of Virtual Document Spaces

M. Deller, M. Bender, D. Wagner, A. Ebert, S. Agne, and B. Klein (Germany)


Visualisation of text and multimedia corpora, visualisation of abstract information structures and spaces, visualisation of search results, human computer interfaces for knowledge and information visualisation, intelligent assistance, information visualization, interaction and navigation.


Common approaches to HCI (Human Computer Interaction) do not take sufficiently into account that computers may be very efficient at fast searching and ordering large amounts of data, while humans are much more adept at visually arranging and manipulating data, as well as recognizing relations between different sets of data and meta-data. The logical conclusion is that by creating a framework that emphasizes the strengths of both humans and machines in an immersive virtual environment, we can achieve great improvements in the effectiveness of knowledge workers and analysts. To enable such a framework, we use immersive, adaptive visualization and rendering techniques to create a virtual document space.

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