An Immersive Gesture Controlled Interface for Virtual Document Information Spaces

A. Ebert, M. Deller, and M. Bender (Germany)


Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction and Navigation, Information Visualization, Document Analysis and Understanding.


In this paper we describe a visionary approach for a context- and content-sensitive virtual environment with immersive interaction possibilities using gesture recognition. The resulting framework emphasizes the strengths of both humans and machines in an immersive virtual environment. It integrates the user into his artificial surroundings seamlessly and gives him/her the opportunity to interact with it in a natural way. One of the most intuitive and immersive methods of interaction is the use of gestures so the user can interact with objects as he would do in the real world. In our paper we propose a gesture recognition engine adaptable to any glove hardware combined with 6DOF tracking. We aim to achieve a reliable real-time gesture recognition that is capable of running on any fairly up-to-date workplace PC and can easily be integrated in normal applications. The thread-based recognition engine communicates with applications by sending events and can therefore be used in a way similar to conventional mouse controls, allowing a smooth integration in existing applications.

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