A Robust Algorithm for Face Detection in Color Images

I.M. Mansour and S.R. Weshah (Jordan)


Face detection, face recognition, light enhancement, skin detection, face feature extraction, and neural networks


Human face detection plays an important role in applications such as biometric identification, video conferencing, intelligent human computer interface, face image database management, and face recognition. We propose a face detection algorithm for color images in the presence of varying light conditions as well as complex background based on light control, skin detection and color segmentation techniques. Our method detects the faces rectangle that contains eyes and mouth. The algorithm constructs expected regions resulted form skin detection and color segmentation stages and search inside them for any possible face features (eyes, and mouth) and pass these expected mouth and eyes rectangle to a neural network to confirm face validation. Experimental results demonstrate successful face detection over a wide range of facial variation in color, position, scale, orientation, 3D pose, and expression in images from several photo collections.

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