Temporal Extension to Exemplar-based Inpainting Applied to Scratch Correction in Damaged Image Sequences

G. Forbin, B. Besserer, J. Boldyš, and D. Tschumperlé (France)


Scratch correction, film restoration, video inpainting.


This paper presents an adaptation of the exemplar-based inpainting process for image sequences. The aimed appli cation is digital restoration of old movies, and particularly scratch removal, which still remains an unsolved problem. Most of the current correction methods act frame by frame and fail to preserve the temporal coherences of the pro cessed movies. Our new scratch concealment algorithm extends the recently published exemplar-based inpainting method by taking into account, for the block matching step, several images from the sequence. Furthermore, the method is improved by explicitely using motion estimation. A few results demonstrating the effect of this innovative ex tension are presented and compared to static methods.

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