Multi-Bits Image Fingerprinting Resisting to Collusion and RST Attacks

W.-G. Kim, S.H. Lee, Y.-S. Seo, and Y. Suh (Korea)


: Digital watermarking, Digital fingerprinting, Collusion secure fingerprinting, RST attack


This paper presents a new image fingerprinting scheme which embeds a fingerprinting code and is robust to the collusion and RST attacks. In the proposed code, two kinds of codes are used. The first code has the same value for all customers and is embedded at the same location like a watermark. The second code is designed unique for each customer. Additionally, in order to restore a fingerprinted image from geometrical distortions a noise reduction filter is performed and a rectilinear tiling pattern is used as a template. Actually a random sequence is embedded repeatedly like a tiling pattern into the spatial domain of the image. We apply this scheme to the digital image and show that it has some robustness against both collusion and RST attacks.

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