Simplification of Texture in 3D Urban Models using the Hough Transform

I.R. Khan and M. Okuda (Japan)


Color Quantization, Image Segmentation, Urban Model Simplification


Three-dimensional (3D) urban models, due to their huge data sizes, pose a great challenge for streaming and rendering on devices with low bit rates and smaller computational powers. Simplification of these urban 3D models consists of simplification of their geometry as well as the texture. In this paper, we present a simple technique for simplification of the texture with certain delineated features. In the simplification process, the representative colors of the image are chosen from the segmented image, and the image is quantized based on those colors. The simplified image, with all major features of the original image preserved, has much smaller size as compared to the original. The removal of the unnecessary details from the original image makes it easier to the human eye to perceive the major features, and identify the objects of interest in bulk of huge 3D models.

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