A Design Tool for Wood Fired Storage Appliances

G. Zweifel, R. Friedlin, C.K. Gaegauf, H.J. Huber, and B. Schütz (Switzerland)


Modelling, simulation, wood appliance, design tool,internet


Tile coated wood fired appliances are designed to store heat from the intermittently burning fire in their massive structure and release it slowly to the room. The design of these systems should assure thermal comfort during the whole process and involves dynamic simulation. A customized design tool for these systems was developed. A model of the appliance was created and implemented in existing building simulation software. It was validated and tuned against laboratory measurements. It can be used in the context of a multi zone building including aspects like inter zone air flows. Data input is done remotely by a web based user interface. An input file is automatically generated and the simulation run launched on a server. The results include plots of the thermal comfort parameters in the different rooms. For a few real cases the results were compared to field monitoring data. The tool is restricted to Swiss conditions. An international extension in the frame of a European project is planned.

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