In N-? Phase Diagram Solution of SHZ OBNL Model and Effect of Parameter V or M and d Change based on Finance TBT and Going Out Strategy

S. Zeng (PRC)


Equilibrium solution value, model, non-linear formula, phase diagram


Shihong Zeng Developing an Optimal Bank Non performing Loans Dynamic Model (SHZ OBNL Model) [1], The equilibrium solution value of SHZ OBNL Model [1] is a non-linear formula. One of aims of the article is solve the equilibrium solution value of SHZ OBNL Model in N-λ phase diagram. The paper studies the influence of bank non-performing loans on social welfare from the point of view of the optimal control theory, and calculates the saddle path and the equilibrium value of saddle point of the bank non-performing loans. Moreover, the track of changes of saddle point’s equilibrium value is also calculated. The equilibrium point E0 will forever or temporarily shift to E3 or E4 in N-λ phase diagram depends on parameter v or m and δ change forever or temporarily, the value of N will change forever or temporarily.

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