Using SDL Diagrams in a DEVS Specification

P. Fonseca and J. Casanovas (Spain)


DEVS, SDL, simulation, formal representation.


Simulation models formal representation allows a better system understanding, and defines a common framework between modellers and developers during a simulation project. Originally in systems theory, all kind of systems can be formalized with DEVS (Discrete Event System Specification). DEVS represents a good choice in order to formalize a simulation model. Based on a mathematical description of model elements, allows a high level description through coupled DEVS. SDL language (Specification and Description Language) was designed to describe complex, event-driven, real time, and communicating systems. SDL uses a graphical representation to describe system behaviour. This feature simplifies model understanding. In this paper we show a process to transform DEVS models to SDL models, allowing graphical representation of DEVS through SDL diagrams.

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