Modelling of Entries and Lane-Blocks for Up-to-Date Traffic Information Systems

F. Mazur, R. Chrobok, S.F. Hafstein, A. Pottmeier, D. Weber, and M. Schreckenberg (Germany)


Online-Traffic-Simulation, Modelling of Entries and Lane Blocks, Realtime-System, Simulation Tools and Tech niques


Detailed and reliable information about the current traffic state is hardly obtainable by the road user. Therefore, we propose a web based visualization of the current and fu ture traffic load of the autobahn network of North Rhine Westphalia, Germany. This novel traffic information sys tem named autobahn.NRW is based on an efficient and highly realistic traffic flow model, which is fed by traf fic data from 4,500 detecting devices across the road net work every minute. The way entries and lane-blocks are integrated is completely new. We use the three-phases approach which has a higher degree of realism then ordi nary approaches. The results of the traffic simulation are published by a graphical user interface which can be ac cessed at

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