Students as Knowledge Architects: The TôLigado Project - Your School Interactive Newspaper

B. Passarelli (Brazil)


: Interactive Learning Environments, Virtual Learning Communities; Web authorship, Internet in Education.


This article introduces the TôLigado Project –Your School Interactive Newspaper, a interactive virtual learning environment conceived and developed by the Interfaces in Education Research Group (LIntE) at the Shool of the Future Research Laboratory University of São Paulo, Brazil and implemented by São Paulo State Secretary for Education, as a result of a partnership among both institutions. Devoted to high school students and teachers as well as to first grade students (7a and 8a series) among the 2931 schools equipped with SAI – Ambient Rooms for Informatics. This distance learning project constitutes a initiative to overcome some fragilities of the teaching/learning process as, for example, the construction of knowledge based on research activities. The TôLigado project also aims to increase students autonomy for research , collaborative work and net authorship. Results of the first year implementation are also presented.

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