Upper Core Point Detection Using Improved Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm in Fingerprints

T.-L. Huang, C.-W. Liu, T.-Y. Kuo, C.-H.Hsiao, and C.-C. Huang (Taiwan)


FingerCode Singular Area Minutiae-based Filter bank-based Ant Conoly upper core point


Minutiae detection is a crucial process in an automatic fingerprint identification system. Most fingerprint comparison algorithms are based on minutiae matching. However, the local orientation changes very rapidly in the singular point area. It is difficult to locate the singular point precisely. The Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm (ACOA) is extensively used in multi-objective and optimal problems. But the ACOA is still not used in fingerprint image processing. In this paper, we suggest an improved Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm to extract the upper core point of fingerprints. Finally, the proposed algorithms are tested with some fingerprint images and show significant improvement in the experiments.

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