The Predictive Timer Synchronization Function - Efficient Network Synchronization of MANETs

P. Rauschert, A. Honarbacht, and A. Kummert (Germany)


Ad hoc, Multihop, MANET, Network Synchronization


Mobile Ad hoc NETworks (MANETs) are smart systems that allow to cover wide areas without building up a dedi cated infrastructure. This is a great advantage in compari son to common single hop networks, but their deployment is still a great challenge due to the algorithms being dis tributed and their application in topographies with mobile members and stations entering or leaving this union. In par ticular, reliable network synchronization plays a key role in terms of stable and efficient operation. This paper pro poses a fully distributed and stable algorithm that is de rived from the IEEE 802.11 Timer Synchronization Func tion (TSF). The Predictive Timer Synchronization Function (PTSF) suggested here compensates the oscillator drifts be tween distinct stations and therefore allows enlarging the beacon interval significantly. In contrast to the TSF, it sup ports single- and multihop networks, where scarce band width can be released for other duties and even missed packets are compensated by its predictive algorithm. This paper outlines the proposed algorithm and shows simula tion results in order to demonstrate the performance of the algorithm even for multihop ad hoc networks with dynamic topography changes.

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