A Three-Step Approach to Detect and Remove Grid Lines in Well-Logging Digitization

M. Lai, L. Li (USA), and Y. Liu (UK)


Well-logging curves, Hough transform, line tracing


In the paper, a three-step approach is presented to detect and remove severely broken grid lines in noisy well logs. It is very important to detect and remove these lines so that the well-logging curves can be traced automatically and precisely. At first, well logs are straightened; then the Small Segment Line Removing method is employed to detect and remove severely broken grid lines; and third, the Tiny Line Removing method is used to clean tiny grid lines and noise left over from step 2. Experimental results show that the three-step approach can successfully detect and remove 98% of broken grid lines and noise, and reserve well-logging curves in the collected 58 low quality well logs.

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