A Real-Time Edge-based Compression/Decompression for 3D Models

B.-S. Jong, W.H. Yang, J.-L. Tseng, and T.-W. Lin (Taiwan)


Geometry compression, Triangular mesh connectivity, Adaptive arithmetic coder


The Edgebreaker decompression process can be operated in reverse only off-line. The valence-driven method requires an extra pass to calculate the valence of vertices when the triangular mesh does not have vertex degree information. The algorithm walks around an active boundary several times to identify the vertex with the fewest free edges. The proposed algorithm can both encode and decode 3D models in a straightforward manner by single traversal in sequential order. An adaptive arithmetic coder is applied to the proposed algorithm, to increase the compression ratio. The experimental results indicate that an excellent compression ratio can be obtained, and the average compression ratio associated with the proposed algorithm is better than that associated with the valence-driven and Edgebreaker methods. The curve of compression ratios is near the entropy curve of the proposed algorithm. The proposed algorithm fixed the number of operators and their value distribution by only considering the context between operators in optimizing the compression ratio.

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