Conversion between T-Splines and Hierarchical B-Splines

Yimin Wang, J. Zheng, and H.S. Seah (Singapore)


Surface modelling, surface representation, hierarchical B splines, T-splines, local refinement.


T-splines is a recently developed surface modelling tech nique which is a generalization of B-splines and allows true local refinement. Another well established method support ing local refinement is hierarchical B-splines. This paper presents algorithms for transformation between T-splines and hierarchical (rational) B-splines. With the transforma tion, a surface expressed in terms of T-splines can be con verted into a hierarchical (rational) B-spline representation and vice versa. The correspondence between T-spline rep resentation and hierarchical (rational) B-spline representa tion is generally not one-to-one. Our conversion algorithms can yield compact representations.

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