Client-based Voice Logging and Search Technology in IP Telephony

K. Ohshima, T. Fujimura, H. Ohno, and M. Terada (Japan)


Internet, VoIP, IP Telephony, Voice Logging


The Computer Telephony Integration system using VoIP is effective in terms of both extendibility and cost, and effective use of saved information, for example, with re spect to Customer Relationship Management, data mining, and perpetuation of evidence, is important. In particular, the demand for preservation and practical use of real-time voice information for telephone applications is high. In the present paper, we investigate a client-based voice logging system in an IP phone call center. The proposed system is characterized by the following four points: (1) recogniz ing the voices of the caller and the callee using different speech-recognition engines in order to improve the hit rate, (2) a high sampling rate is used to sample the voice for recognition processing, and the voice that sends uses the same thing as the usual telephone voice for it, (3) technol ogy for dividing voice streams into paragraphs, and (4) the ability to treat both voice and text seamlessly. The pro posed system is evaluated by developing a prototype sys tem that is equipped with the above features. Based on the obtained results, the proposed technique was demonstrated to be very useful.

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