A Multicycle Context Model using Oracles and Microsituations for Contact Centers

A. Kalyan, S. Gopalan, and Sridhar V (India)


Context Models, situation theory, Oracles , Ontology, Contact Center, Micro situation


Context awareness and context modeling have raised their call for attention and importance quite recently in the world of contact centers for better customer services and relations. To address the issues of contextual reuse and inconsistencies, we need context models that can foster context reuse and support easy retrieval of right information by providing appropriate abstraction of contextual information. In this paper we propose a Multicycle Context Model (MCM) based on oracles [1] of situation theory [2] and microsituations [3]. A single cycle in MCM consists of entities, oracles and microsituations which together in various ways combine to arrive at user’s current situation and hence enable efficient step-wise reasoning of context. This procedure repeats for different cycles when the identified entities or/and their properties varies. The number of cycles is based on the dynamically varying property of the information during the interaction between some of the entities in the situation. We use the contact center ontology [3] for entity knowledge representation. We also present an architectural overview of Context Aware Processing System to build a rapid prototype that demonstrates the multicycle context model..

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