Can Soft-Products Have Precise Quality as Hard Products

S. Alfuraih and R. Snow (UK)


E-commerce, Fraud, Quality Certificate, Soft-Products, Dispute Resolution.


E-commerce is changing the way people and economists think. All the old fashioned face-to-face transactions are becoming obsolete. One of the new things the Internet introduces is not just the way transactions are handled but also a new line of products that were not available before. Examples of the new products are soft-products. Soft products are intangible products that can be consumed without shipment, such as software, music and calling cards (calling time)[1]. The demand for and at the same time the fraud in soft-products on the Internet has been increasing for the past few years. We think that one main reason for fraud is not having a precise description about the soft-product purchased. Buying a piece of music may sound simple but you may end up paying for the one you don't like, because the sound quality is not good or the recording time or location is not what you thought. Most soft products suffer from the same problem. In this paper we are proposing a new method of assigning a quality certificate to every possible soft-product by a quality server. Before buying the product, its specification (Quality) can be checked from the Quality issuing company (Quality Server) and make sure that this is what you are looking for. In case of a dispute regarding such products, the dispute resolver will compare the item you received with the claimed quality certificate of the item and can get a fair resolution if it is not what you thought it is.

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