Goal Net Agent Framework for Web Service Integration

C.S. Kuay, Z. Shen, R. Gay, and C. Miao (Singapore)


Web service, integration, agent, model, framework and design.


Web services are fast emerging as the enabling technology for seamless business application integration and cross-platform interoperability. Integrating Web services and software agents brings about the immediate benefits of connecting application domains. In this perspective, identifying a means of connecting agents and Web services is the motivation and central foundation of this work. As such, this paper investigates how agents can form a powerful means of mediating the Web services for purposes of Web services integration. It presents an agent-based framework in the Web services environment named GNWS, “Goal Net based Agent Framework for Web Service Integration”. Composite state goal model, Goal Net is explored to model various service agents. With the framework, the service agents can be easily created and act as mediators for Web service integration based on assigned goals.

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