Providing Service Level Agreement using Clustered Web Server Partition Mechanism

K. Park and H. Go (Korea)


Distributed Systems, Service Level Agreement, Web Server, Performance Isolation, Differentiated Service


We focus on solution for supporting SLA, which means the service level agreement between clients and service providers on the web. The differentiated service should be able to be provided to clients in order to satisfy SLA. To enable differentiated service for a web site, the mechanism for delivering end-to-end QoS is needed. And to achieve this purpose, we study the technique that provides service to those clients who require higher-level service prior to those who ask for lower-level service by classifying the requests of clients according to priorities. In this paper, we conducted researches on the method of partitioning web server nodes of service providers according to priorities of requests of clients statically and dynamically and the admission control technique on multiclass requests of clients. Through simulated experiments, response time and the number of rejected requests of the web server nodes considering SLA are analyzed.

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