An Evolvable, Composable Framework for Rapid Application Development and Dynamic Integration of Medical Image Processing Web Services

T. Mitsa and P. Joshi (USA)


Medical, web, service, composable, evolvable, BPEL


We present a framework for web-services-based medical image processing, whose novel feature is an evolvable and composable architecture in order to support rapid application development and dynamic service integration respectively. The framework has a three-tiered architecture, with a thin-client front tier where the user can view and manipulate medical images, and also draw regions of interest (ROI). Our framework is evolvable, through the use of Java reflection, and dynamic web service invocation. Its composability is achieved through the use of the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) in its middle tier, for the choreographing of medical image processing web services. The data tier consists of a medical image library and a database that stores the image location and image-related-information.

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