On-Line Sequential Extreme Learning Machine

G.-B. Huang, N.-Y. Liang, H.-J. Rong, P. Saratchandran, and N. Sundararajan (Singapore)


Online Sequential Extreme Learning Machine (OS-ELM), Online Sequential Fuzzy Extreme Learning Machine (Fuzzy-ELM), GAP-RBF, MRAN.


The primitive Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) [1, 2, 3] with additive neurons and RBF kernels was implemented in batch mode. In this paper, its sequential modification based on recursive least-squares (RLS) algorithm, which referred as Online Sequential Extreme Learning Machine (OS-ELM), is introduced. Based on OS-ELM, Online Se quential Fuzzy Extreme Learning Machine (Fuzzy-ELM) is also introduced to implement zero order TSK model and first order TSK model. The performance of OS-ELM and Fuzzy-ELM are evaluated and compared with other popu lar sequential learning algorithms, and experimental results on some real benchmark regression problems show that the proposed Online Sequential Extreme Learning Machine (OS-ELM) produces better generalization performance at very fast learning speed.

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