Towards a Model-Driven Software Engineering Methodology for Organic Computing Systems

H. Kasinger and B. Bauer (Germany)


Multi-Agent-Systems (MAS), Software Engineering and Organic Computing.


The complexity of computing systems steadily increases and their future administration will soon exceed any human capabilities. A resort to this scenario are self-managing systems that administrate themselves according to high level policies established by an administrator. Thus sys tems configure, optimize, protect and heal themselves au tonomously making administrative interferences unneces sary. Organic Computing (OC) keeps this track by draw ing analogies from biological systems such as ant colonies or dissipative structures, both resulting in emergent behav ior. Due to its characteristics agent technology is partic ularly suitable for an implementation of Organic Comput ing Systems (OCS). However for a widespread industrial application acceptable software standards are required for both system architecture and software engineering. There fore we propose a multi-agent system architecture and an appropriate development process as a first step towards a software engineering methodology for OCS. The process is based on the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) by the OMG and the UML 2 standard as well.

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