A Framework for Executing Computational Intelligence over Distributed Embedded Nodes

R.A. Ellen and D.A. Campbell (Australia)


Distributed and embedded systems, system design automa tion.


Manufacturing and mining automation, robotics, swarms and smart device networks are often implemented upon distributed embedded systems. These systems are typi cally statically distributed, coarsely reconfigurable or de ployed on homogeneous networks. A conceptual stack can be formed using modelling languages, system performance analysis and optimisation and reconfigurable platform neutral components to overcome these problems. A frame work for computational intelligence-based applications to be built upon this stack has been proposed. Model-Driven Architecuture has been shown to be a promising standard for the modelling, design and development of embedded applications. The Theory of Constraints is proposed as a potential technique for performance analysis and optimisa tion of distributed systems. Mobile Agents and code mo bility can be used in the component architecture to allow for adaptation and reconfiguration for optimisation.

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