Fuzzy Logic Planning and Control for Cooperative Autonomous Teams of Robots

J.F. Smith III (USA)


: fuzzy logic, resource management, robotics, planning algorithms, distributed autonomous systems


Distributed autonomous systems (DASs), i.e., systems that have separated distributed components, each of which, exhibit some degree of autonomy are increasingly providing solutions to naval and other DoD problems. Recently developed DAS control, planning and post processing algorithms will be discussed. The DAS to be discussed consists of a collection of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that are under fuzzy logic control. The UAVs fly and conduct meteorological sampling in a coordinated fashion determined by their fuzzy logic controllers to determine the atmospheric index of refraction. Once in flight no human intervention is required. A fuzzy planning algorithm determines the optimal trajectory, sampling rate and pattern for the UAVs and an interferometer platform while taking into account risk, reliability, priority for sampling in certain regions, fuel limitations, mission cost, and related uncertainties.

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