EDIVER: An Efficient Distance Vector Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

H.S. Hamza, S. Wu, and J.S. Deogun (USA)


Sensor networks, AODV, Routing algorithms, Rumor routing algorithm.


We propose a routing algorithm for sensor networks called EDIVER–Efficient Distance Vector Routing. EDIVER combines good features of two existing routing algorithms: the Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) algorithm; a routing algorithm for mobile ad hoc networks, and the Rumor routing algorithm; a routing algorithm for sensor networks. Extensive simulation results show that EDIVER reduces the average energy consumption; average end-to-end delay, and normalized routing overhead compared to the AODV algorithm. However, packet delivery fraction for EDIVER is a little less than that of the AODV algorithm, although it is very close under some scenarios.

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