Korean User Attitude for Adoption of Portable Internet Services

K.-Y. Jee and M.-G. Kim (Korea)


in handling the above convergence issue in telecommunication service. As another important factor in order to effectively drive the convergence of fixed and wireless telecommunication services, it is highly required for the relevant market to point to customer-oriented business circumstances. In this study an empirical analysis on the effects of features of individuals and it also extends some variables in regards with user attitude for adoption of portable Internet services. Key Words


Today the convergence of fixed and wireless service leads the main stream of Korean telecommunication service industries. The recent ‘IT 8-3-9 strategy’ led by the government particularly emphasizes convergence of fixed and wireless service for further development of Korean IT industry and its economy. For successfully implementing convergence of telecommunication service industry in Korea, most of all, mobile and wireless communication can be regarded as the most critical

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