The Design and Implementation of High Performance Synchronization Server for Mobile Applications on Education

Y.-C. Lin, G.-L. Li, W.-T. Chen, and C.-C. Wang (Taiwan)


Data Compression, Mobile Communication, Mobile Computing, Slow Sync, Data Synchronization


In this paper a high performance data synchronization server for mobile device is proposed. For the mobile application system, the information or data sets are usually stored in both the mobile device and system database. After several operations for the mobile system, the data sets between the mobile device and system database may become not identical. In order to keep the consistence of these data sets, the data synchronization plays a key role in such mobile applications. Therefore, this paper presents a data synchronization server which can synchronize the data sets between mobile device and system database efficiently. Based on the adoption of data compression, the amount of network traffic can be reduced up to 18.8 times less than full-data transmission on average. Besides, experimental results show that the proposed server can reduce the synchronization response times dramatically.

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