UMTS Rate Matching Optimization

E.R. Vale, J.C.B. Brandão, and M. Grivet (Brazil)


UMTS, Rate Matching, Power control, Optimization


: As a result of the work towards UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) standard ization, an efficient physical layer has been defined for this system, capable to transport multimedia services with the necessary reliability, in spite of the medium characteristics. The user’s multimedia call is delivered in several transport channels - one for each media related to the call - properly multiplexed in one or more physical channels. These transport channels are designed to attain different levels of QoS, compatible with the respective media characteristics. Basically, there are two physical components designed to achieve these objectives: the Coder and the Rate Matching units. Here we will be presenting a new methodology developed for the optimization of the Rate Matching operation, coherently with the defined Coder. Then, it will be possible to minimize the maximum required Eb/No relation for the specified set of transport channels, each with different level of QoS. The final result will be energy savings, with all the associated benefits (battery economy, less interference, etc.).

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