Performances of Two Error-Detection Algorithms in Wireless Channels

L. Goldfeld and D. Wulich (Israel)


Fading channel, Error-Detection Code, ARQ


: The performance of two types of communication systems with feedback are compared for the case where both forward and backward channels are of frequency-nonselective, slow Nakagami fading type and are contaminated by an additive white Gaussian noise. In both types of systems considered the same error control code is used. In the first algorithm (ARQ), the errors of the received message are detected in the receiver by a well known error-detection procedure, and the backward channel is used for a repeat request when errors are found. In the second algorithm the backward channel is used for transmitting a special checking message, formed in the receiver, to the transmitter, where the erroneous codewords can be detected. The performance of the considered systems is also compared with a Forward Error Correction (FEC) one-channel system.

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