Antenna Switch Diversity for MIMO Channel and Wireless Communications

S. Vasana (USA)


MIMO system, antenna diversity, antenna switch.


Multiple-antenna systems, also known as multiple-input multiple-output systems, can improve the capacity and reliability of wireless communications. MIMO system can improve wireless communication in two different ways: diversity methods and spatial multiplexing [1]. However, the multiple RF front-end paths associated with multiple antennas are costly in terms of size, power and complexity. Antenna selection is a scheme to reduce the unnecessary RF front-end paths but to capture many of the advantages of MIMO systems. This paper presents an antenna switch algorithm of the selection diversity which is practical and cost-effective. This algorithm minimizes the unnecessary frequent switches because the antenna switches could bring extra noise and errors to the detector. This algorithm is robust in non-ideal antenna situations where correlation and average power imbalance among antennas are unavoidable. Simulation results of systems with practical issues such as non-ideal antennas, no channel knowledge, fast Rayleigh fading and intersymbol interference (ISI) are presented. The performance of this antenna switch algorithm is shown with sizable gain in the above practical situations.

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