A Study on the Design and Development of High Speed Feeding Type Three Dimensional Bending Machine

C.M. Lee and S.H. Lim (Korea)


Threedimensional bending machine, FEM (Finite element method), Performance and reliability evaluation


This study has been focused on the development of high speed feeding type three-dimensional bending machine. It is designed for manufacture of copper pipe for heat exchangers. For the design of the machine, simulation of bending process and structural analysis are carried out. The analysis is carried out by FEM simulation using the commercial software, DEFORM, MARC and CATIA V5. The final results of simulation and analysis are applied to the design of high speed feeding type three-dimensional bending machine is successfully developed. After development of the machine, performance and reliability evaluation was carried out by a laser interferometer. In order to improve the accuracy of this machine, the maximum speed, positioning accuracy and repeatability of feed were measured by the laser interferometer. Finally, the machine has attained high performance and reliability.

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