Non-Linear Modeling and Analysis on the Hunting Stability of Trucks Moving on Curved Tracks

S.-Y. Lee, Y.-C. Cheng, and C.-M. Kuo (Taiwan)


Truck, critical hunting speed, heuristic nonlinear creep model, and eight degrees of freedom


Based on the heuristic nonlinear creep model, the nonlinear coupled differential equations of the motion for the truck modeled by a eight degrees of freedom system moving on curved tracks, considering the lateral displacement and the yaw angle of the each wheelset and the lateral displacement, the vertical displacement, the roll angle and the yaw angle of the truck frame, are derived. The limiting cases are examined. The influences of the vertical and the roll motions of frames on the critical hunting speed of trucks are studied and evaluated via the linear and the nonlinear creep models. In addition, the influences of the physical parameters, including those missing in the six degrees of freedom system, on the critical hunting speed of trucks are also examined.

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