Hardware in the Loop Simulator for a New Distributed Avionic System

J.M. Giron-Sierra, M. Seminario, C. Insaurralde, and J.F. Jimenez (Spain)


Simulation, simulation tools, physicallybased modelling.


Under the auspices of an European Research Project, a new avionic system is being developed. Instead of the conventional centralized system around a computer with point-to-point connections to sensors and actuators, the new system is completely distributed. The firs application is aircraft fuel management. A hardware in the loop simulator has been developed, to support the development of the new avionic system,. This paper focus on the simulator. It consists on a laboratory physical plant, and two interconnected computers. One of the computers simulates the fuel system, made with tanks, pipes, valves, etc., and the other computer simulates the distributed control system. The laboratory physical plant reproduces the main aspects of the aircraft fuel system. This plant is connected to the computers, so at any time parts of the computer simulation can be physical parts. The complete simulator, made with the computers and the physical plant, can be used for several purposes. First for functional testing of the distributed control system. Second for fault and malfunction studies. The paper introduces the research framework and the purposes of the simulator, and then describes the hardware in the loop simulator.

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