Comparative Study of Methods of Serialization at J2ME

A.J. Sierra and A. Albéndiz (Spain)


Objectoriented implementation, Javabased simulation, Webbased simulation.


Object serialization is the possibility of an object to write a complete state of itself and of any object that it references to an output stream. This paper shows a comparative study between methods of Serialization on Java Platform for a mobile device (J2ME). This platform is not a specific piece of software, nor a single specification, unless consists of a collection of technologies and specifications that are designed for different parts, between of which is not support Serialization. Applications that need to serialize objects must build their own mechanisms. The mechanisms studied in this paper are two, develop{net} method and a new method. We use a real application that generates an enterprises and autonomous telephone’s guide for all users that want it can establish criteria of performance of the serialization methods, and show measurements for both methods.

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