Fields Solver Framework and Reference Implementation

G. Tsafnat, K.G. Kua, S.L. Cloherty, and T.D. Lambert (Australia)


Field abstraction, Field representation, Model integration, Multiscale modelling, Modelling tools.


In the past decade several research groups around the world suggested several technologies that can contribute to the IUPS Physiome project [9]. We have presented the Ab stract Field Layer (AFL) and the Field Representation Lan guage (FRL) [13] as aides for describing and interchanging models, model results, and experimental data. In this paper we present a framework that uses AFL for solving spatial and temporal fields. We also present an implementation of a solver for a tissue model of the mammalian sino-atrial node. The purpose of the work presented is to show how multi-scaled models can be easily combined using AFL to produce accurate models with relatively little effort.

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