Design of Broadband Microwave Amplifier for Telecommunication Applications

M. Bacha and L. Hadjabderrahmane (Algeria)


Design technique, analytical method, microwave amplifier, matching networks, Chebyshev response.


This paper describes a design technique of broadband microwave amplifiers using GaAs MESFET's transistors, this technique which is an analytical method presents a procedure for designing matching networks. Because of the gain roll-off of microwave transistors of approximately 6 dB/octave, the matching networks will be designed to compensate for them using analytical response, the problem is to derive the gain-bandwidth limitations and to synthesis broadband bandpass matching networks in order to achieve a desired transducique power gain of Chebyshev response. The performances characteristics of lumped and distributed amplifiers are analysed after using suitable transformation from lumped amplifier to distributed amplifier.

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