Modelling and Simulation of Antenna Farm for Radio Coverage

F. Callialp Kunter and S.S. ┼×eker (Turkey)


Modelling; radio coverage; RF propagation; interference


The knowledge of the electromagnetic (EM) field distribution in the vicinity of cellular systems and broadcasting antenna systems is significant due to its effect on electronic devices and human health. In this paper, we have developed a new algorithm for the attenuation and the radiation patterns of electromagnetic waves in the inhabited areas. Electric field strengths were calculated at the far-field location of different types of antennas operating at the same frequencies, including the perfect conducted ground reflections. Then, we enhanced our study, assuming that the antennas were positioned on dry and wet ground unlike the previous studies and compared to the effects of different types of grounds. Using our developed study, it is possible to calculate the contributions of direct and reflected waves, separately. Thus it is also possible to minimize the effects of interferences, disturbances, and bioeffects of electromagnetic radiation before placing the antennas.

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