QSA: Quantization-Specific Assembling Algorithm of Embedded Communication Service

T. Chen, W. Hu, H. Jiangwei, and Yalike (PRC)


: Quantizationspecific, assembling, embedded, Communication, component


Traditional protocols provide monolithic services. But as a typical embedded communication device, multi-protocols router needs flexible mechanism to support multiple protocols algorithms. To resolve this problem, we adopt this approach: divides protocols into components and component library. Assembling algorithm is used to construct protocols using components. The mechanism what the paper presents is to quantize the component with the parameters and different intelligent agent implements independent sub-functions. The assembling algorithm is called Quantization-Specific Assembling algorithm(QSA), and it is driven by component feature parameter. The QSA algorithm can provide a transparent layer between operating system and protocol component library and the specific communication service.

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