NSPCF: Network Sub-Protocol Component Framework

T. Chen, W. Hu, Y. Huang, and Yalike (PRC)


protocol components, component feature parameter, component library, protocol component operating system


To provide multi-service for the embedded communication device such as multi-protocols router, NSPCF (Network Sub-Protocol Component Framework) is present. NSPCF has three parts: protocol components, protocol component library and real-time operating system based on the network protocol components. Protocols are divided into components by different dividing methods. Then the components will be storeds and managed in the protocol component library. The protocol component library is responsible for searching, maintaining the protocol components. When the components requested are found, they will be assembled via the assembling algorithm. The operating system supports the dynamic loading and unloading. NSPCF makes the protocols be configured dynamically and increases the stability and QoS of the device.

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