Dynamic Simulations of Wind Parks Under Voltage Dips and Short Circuits

M.S. Múgica, M.A. Rodríguez Vidal, I.E. Salaberri, and A.M. Urkiola (Spain)


Wind generation, doubly feed induction NOMENCLATURE Symbols L Inductance C Capacitance p Pair of poles Q Reactive power R Resistance Tem Torque V Voltage I Current X Impedance W Mechanical Speed Subscripts (used singly or in combination) s Stator component r Rotor component m Electrical Generator h Mutual t Turbine σ Leakage ABREVIATIONS PSDS Power System Dynamic Simulations VAR Volt Ampere Reactive DFIG DoublyFed Induction Generator PSCA D Power Systems Computer Aided


: The increasing size of wind farms requires power system stability analysis including dynamic models of the wind power generation. Compared to conventional power stations, wind power plants consist of a large number of generators of small size and different technology from the synchronous ones, this is why wind generators behaviour is quite different. Every wind power technology has different characteristics and control possibilities. The paper analyses two different wind power technologies under voltage dips and points out differences with regard to their dynamic behaviour and control possibilities. Complete models of wind turbines and wind farm have been developed in PSCAD. The results show that there are differences in the behaviour and control possibilities between the analysed cases, especially in the response of the reactive power.

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