Simulation of Load Management and Energy Conservation Strategies in Interconnected Power Systems

S.A. Al-Rumaih and M.A. El-Kady (Saudi Arabia)


Simulation, Load management, Energy conservation, Power systems.


Load management and energy conservation are currently being considered and adopted by many power utilities around the world in order to cope with the increasingly common situation of limited capacity additions facing, however, a continuously growing demand. Load management approaches and energy conservation strategies are highly recognized means for achieving the much desired increased generation-load margins. This paper provides a comprehensive review of this issue from the environment and society perspective and attempts to address the likely impacts of the new technologies relating to load management and energy conservation. In addition, the paper provides an effective technical framework and computerized algorithms for addressing the main issue of the impacts on environment and society associated with adopting various load management and energy conservation strategies. Application to practical situations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are also presented for illustration.

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