Modelling and Fuzzy Control of an Induction Oven

A.M. Macarulla, J.I. García, X.G. Garrido, and O. Ruiz (Spain)


Applied Simulation in the Energy Sector, Induction Oven, Modelling and Control, Fuzzy Logic, High Frequency Power Supply.


Here we present the design and the model of a power supply and the control system of an induction heating oven for superficial temper of steel pieces. A complete software of simulation and control has been designed. In this project there are three clearly different parts: first, the conceptual design of the oven and the mathematical modelling implemented in Matlab-Simulink®1 ; second, the design of the electric power system between the oven and the main power system; and last, the presentation of the design for advanced control strategies with fuzzy logic based on the model of the oven and the power supply system.

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