A Novel Approach to Nonlinear System Modelling and Identification using Modal Series

A. Mohammadi, N. Pariz, H.M. Shanechi, and H. Keivani (Iran)


Modelling, Identification, Hammerstein Systems, Modal Series.


This paper provides a novel modelling approach to nonlinear system modelling. This model is based on modal series model of nonlinear systems and it is very beneficial for nonlinear system identification since it introduces a linear and several Hammerstein subsystems for the main nonlinear system. Therefore, identification problem of a nonlinear system reduces to identification of a linear subsystem and several Hammerstein subsystems that all have the same linear block and the structure of their nonlinear blocks are distinct. In order to identify the proposed model, an algorithm based on linear subspace identification methods has been proposed. Simulations are used to evaluate the results of what argued in this paper.

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