3D Human Body Motion Detection and Tracking in Video

H.A.M. El_Salamony, H.F. Ali, and A.A. Darweesh (Egypt)


Human Body Tracking & Detection, Contour, Background Subtraction, Holes Filling, Median Filter, and Noise Cleaning.


Computers should be able to detect and track the articulated 3-D pose of a human being moving through a video sequence. Current tracking systems have some disadvantages as response time, reliability, and many must be initialized by a human operator before they can track a sequence. This paper introduces a simple effective algorithm for tracking and detection of multiple human body posture from different objects and kids. The proposed algorithm runs quickly, can initializes itself without human intervention, and can automatically recover from critical tracking errors made while tracking previous frames in a video sequence. The proposed approach will be applied to one and multiple human body tracking with digital video camera. This approach is highly interact with the users by offering different operation levels by interacting with some massages and sound alarm for any human body (no other moving objects) moving, and walking in different positions in the scene. In this approach we achieve more than 90 % for tracking and detecting multiple moving human bodies between different group of objects.

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